Your trusted online space to learn about perimenopause and menopause feeling prepared and supported.

We all need the “What's happening to my body?” talk — just like we needed it at puberty.

That said, our current healthcare system does not do a good job of educating or supporting people as they navigate the expected biological process of hormonal change.

Pausology’s mission is to change that reality. 

Created by experienced healthcare providers, Dr. Claudia Levine and Nurse Practitioner Kate MacLaughlin, it offers education, vetted resources, and community to help you get informed and feel prepared and supported as you navigate the road of perimenopause into menopause and beyond.

Whether hormonal change is on the horizon, you’re in the thick of it, or you’re on the other side, Pausology is here for you. 

You are not alone! There are literally millions of us going through it right now.

Welcome to our Menoposse!

MENOPOSSE ™ noun) men-o-pos-se: A circle of support, connection, and shared resources around the experience of perimenopause and menopause.

Hi! We’re Claudia & Kate, the founders of Pausology.

The idea for Pausology came from our experience of feeling caught off guard by perimenopause. Despite what we thought we knew as experienced healthcare providers, we realized it wasn’t enough. 

So we dove deep into the scientific research, medical literature, and the rabbit hole of internet searches. We engaged in conversation and piloted workshops with a large and diverse group of people in all stages of hormonal change. We listened as they shared what they needed and wanted regarding education, resources, and support. 

Pausology was designed with all of that in mind.

We have no financial ties to what we recommend. What we share in this course is the same information we provide to our patients in our clinical practice. 

We can’t wait to meet you!

Warmly, no pun intended ;) 

Claudia & Kate

Dr. Claudia Levine board-certified Internal Medicine physician and The Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner

Kate MacLaughlin Sexual & Reproductive Health Nurse Practitioner and The Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner

Join Pausology Today

Pausology is more than an educational course. It’s a community space. It provides the resources and information you need to navigate perimenopause and menopause, feeling informed, prepared, and supported

  • Explore various aspects of hormonal change, from its timing, phases, and physiology to how to recognize and manage its most common symptoms. 
  • Learn what other factors can impact how you feel, such as the process of getting older, new or chronic health conditions, and life stressors.
  • Reinforce your sense of well-being and be proactive about your health, especially when it comes to your bones and hearts.  
  • Gain insider tips on how to be your own best advocate as you partner with providers and navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. 
  • Reflect on the upsides of this time of life, like feeling wiser, more confident, and less concerned with what others think of you.

When you join Pausology, you get immediate and unlimited access to our Pausology Course, which includes: 

  • Three hours of course material divided into 18 modules

  • Audio and written components for each module. You can listen to or read them in whatever order and pace you choose. 

  • Vetted resources for each module with links to everything discussed within the module.  

  • A Next Steps exercise for each module designed to help you reflect on what’s happening, identify what you want to address, and take action if needed.

  • Three complimentary Menoposse Circles

Our Menoposse Circles offer real-time connection with members of our Menoposse and Pausology cofounders, Claudia & Kate.

  • Small virtual gatherings. Menoposse Circles are limited to 6 participants, held via Zoom, and run for 45 minutes.
  • Topic driven. Each Menoposse Circle focuses on a specific Pausology course module. For example, "Is Hormone Therapy Right for Me?". 
  • Calendar updated regularly. Multiple Menoposse Circles are available each week. Topics rotate on a regular basis. 
  • Hosted by Pausology cofounders Claudia & Kate and other guests.  

How much does it cost to join Pausology?

$100 USD
A one-time single payment gives you immediate and unlimited access to our Pausology Course and two complimentary Menoposse Circles. Each additional circle costs $25.

Want to gift Pausology to someone? Email us at [email protected] to set up a GIFT IT membership.

We believe that membership to Pausology should be available to anyone, no matter their budget. Cost will never be a barrier. We are happy to share Pausology with anyone who needs it. Email us at [email protected] for guest access. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, we have a strict no-refund policy.

Our Menoposse Can’t Wait To Meet You!

Do you know what stage of hormonal change you’re in? 

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Pausology is an educational platform and is not a substitute for individualized medical care.